Bob Bly, author of 100 books and the man McGraw-Hill calls “America’s top copywriter,” reveals how you can make money with...

The World's Easiest - and Most Profitable - Product to Create and Sell Online!

An e-book is the ideal product to sell on the Internet. And now, you can create your first e-book ... and start making money by selling it online ... in 90 days or less.

Dear Internet Marketer (or Aspiring Internet Marketer):

May I share a secret with you?

This secret, known by nearly all successful Internet marketers, is that there's no product easier to create or sell online than an e-book.

Why are e-books the perfect information product to sell on the Internet?

Well, just consider the advantages of e-books over every other type of product being sold online today:

  • Virtually 100% profit margin -- your e-book is delivered as an electronic PDF file over the Internet, so the payment you collect for its purchase is nearly pure profit.
  • No printing costs, no big cash outlay - compare that with self-published books where you can easily spend $9,000 or more on a first print run of 3,000 copies.
  • No inventory to store ... it's just a PDF file you keep on your server. By comparison, the inventory of just one or two self-published print books can take up your whole garage or spare bedroom!
  • Quick and easy to update - you can correct errors or add new information at any time - without spending a dime.
  • No shipping costs or delays - the buyer gets it within minutes of placing his order online.
  • Higher perceived value than regular books - e-books are typically less than HALF the length of regular books ... yet they sell for 2 or 3 times more!
  • Simple, and inexpensive to produce - your total out-of-pocket costs are only a few hundred dollars - even less if you do the work yourself.

When I started my Internet marketing business a few years ago, I didn't have any information products - and needed one to sell.

So I gave a bunch of articles I had written for a magazine to a graphic designer, who for just $75 put them into a nice PDF layout.

I then put up a landing page (like this one) where people could read about and order the book (that cost me another $100).

To date, we’ve sold $51,778 worth of this little e-book collection of my recycled articles.

That gives me a 29,487% return on my initial $175 investment (so far) … quite a bit better than my stocks did during that same period.

Best of all, my first e-book continues to sell well … and from it, I launched a spare-time Internet marketing business that generates a six-figure annual income … and requires me to “work” only a few hours a week.

Now, I want to show you how to do the same. If you will let me….

Want to get started in online information marketing?
Take my advice -- and begin with an e-book.

In our new 78-page e-book, How to Write and Sell E-Books Online for Fun and Profit: Second Edition. marketing writer Jennifer Holmes and I walk you step-by-step through the process of creating and selling profitable e-books.

In it, you will discover:

  • Should your e-book be published as a PDF or Kindle? Page 2.
  • A quick and easy method for researching all the information you need to write your e-book so that it’s both practical and authoritative. Page 11.
  • How to create an attractive color and the entire interior layout for a 50 to 100-page e-book. Pages 17, 22.
  • Creating a winning outline for your e-book. Page 9.
  • Why so many online information marketers publish so many e-books every year … and why yours can sell like gangbusters despite all this competition. Pages 3, 4.
  • How to sell your first e-book at a handsome profit. Page 46.
  • How to store your e-book in an e-commerce shopping cart to allow customers to purchase it online at your web site. Page 29.
  • Reserving a memorable domain name for your e-book’s web site. Page 28.
  • How to choose a winning topic to write about for your first e-book in a field that interests you. Page 4.
  • Increase your e-book sales with and Pages 26, 27.
  • Convert more landing page visitors to buyers with an “e-mail conversion series.” Page 41.
  • The 4U’s formula for writing killer landing page headlines, Page 31.
  • Are enough people searching online for information on your topic to justify publishing an e-book on it? Keywords can help more people find your sales page. Page 6.
  • 6 ways to drive a flood of new traffic to your e-book sales page. Page 47.
  • Should you post a photo of your e-book’s author or publisher on your web site? The answer may surprise you. Page 32.
  • Take advantage of affiliate marketing programs to increase your e-book sales. Page 66.
  • 18 ways to turn your e-book into an uninterrupted stream of online profits. Page 75.
  • How to build kick-butt sales funnels that can take your info marketing business to the next level.. Page 63.
  • Increase conversion rates and sales by testing, measuring, and optimizing your landing page. Page 64.
  • Compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and CAN-SPAM guidelines. Page 43.
  • What to charge for your e-book. Page 30.
  • How to get a quality e-book written in record time … without touching a PC keyboard. Page 14.
  • Why you need to offer bonus reports on topics that will interest prospects in buying your e-book. Page 20.
  • 6 sure-fire ways to build your opt-in email list. Page 51.
  • Where to get reliable hosting for your e-book landing pages. Page 25.
  • Multiply the value of your e-book by including appendices containing useful resources. Page 21.
  • E-book topics that are selling briskly in today’s market. Page 4.
  • Finding the right keywords and using them to promote your book. Page 6. Plus: 6 free keyword research tools. Page 8.
  • Get free content you can use in your e-book from these 6 sources of public domain information. Page 12.
  • Makes less work for YOU by hiring independent subcontractors to write the e-book for you Page 15.
  • The 8 sections every nonfiction e-book should have. Page 17.
  • Best writing style for e-book authors. Page 18.
  • An easy way to “lock” your e-book PDF to prevent internet pirates from stealing your work. Page 23.
  • Your 6-point e-book editing checklist. Page 21.

“OK, but what will it cost to get started?”

By learning how to efficiently and economically create and sell one e-book after another, I quickly built an Internet marketing business that generates thousands of dollars every week in sales for my e-books, audio programs, and other information products.

Normally, our e-books are priced at $29 to $79 each, depending on the topic and length.

But to make it affordable for you to get started in e-book publishing, I’m letting you have Writing E-Books for Fun & Profit for only $19 – a savings of $40 off the $59 cover price!

That way, the tight economy and money are no excuse for not getting off your butt and creating your first e-book.

Reach into your wallet now. Take out a $20 bill. In Writing E-Books for Fun & Profit, I show you exactly how to create and sell your first info product.

Your first e-book can bring you thousands of dollars a year in extra revenues – and serve as the foundation for an information empire that can make you financially independent.

The price I’m asking in return is less than the $20 you hold in your hands … a piece of paper you’ll likely spend today on lunch, coffee, the newspaper, gum, and other unimportant incidentals.

And that’s only if you agree with me 100% that Writing E-Books for Fun and Profit has indeed given you the “keys to the kingdom” of making six figures online with information marketing.

If it doesn’t, then it won’t cost you a penny. Here’s why….

Our 100% iron-clad guarantee of satisfaction

I totally guarantee your satisfaction with my new e-book, Writing E-Books for Fun and Profit.

If you are unhappy for any other reason … or for no reason at all … just let me know within 90 days.

I’ll give you a full and prompt refund. And you can keep the e-book at no cost with my compliments.

That way, you risk nothing.

But I urge you to hurry.

This special LOW PRICE of only $19 (a $40 discount off the $59 cover price) is for a limited time only.

And once it expires, it may never be repeated again.

You might be mulling it over. But don’t.

You’re going to want to start your own Internet marketing business sooner or later – and the best products to start with are e-books.

Then why not take a look at Writing E-Books for Fun and Profit right now?

As soon as you order, we’ll deliver it in minutes via the Internet … so you can get started right away.

If you don’t like it, we’ll give you a refund … so reading it costs you nothing.

If you DO like it, ordering today means you pay only nineteen bucks. Wait until later, and it will cost you $59.

So what are you waiting for?

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Robert W. Bly, Director
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